A good back is a rare sight in gyms for a few reasons:
A. we all prefer training the muscles we can see much more such as chest and arms.
B. Training the back is tough from an activation standpoint since we can not see it properly, meaning it is harder to feel those muscles and work them properly.

My program sets out to fix these issues, each workout has activation exercises to make sure you are not just going through the motions but are actually training your back.

1. 4 week training guide to make sure you cover the back from all angles.
2. Diet and nutrition guideline for bulking or cutting depending on your goal.
3. Exact description of exercises, so you do not waste your time in the gym.
4. A PDF file with the anatomy of the back, ways to train, eat and avoid injury.

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Here is what you will get

  • My back workout, 5 days of training, 4 weeks with a focus on developing that V taper
  • A template that autoregulates meaning it takes into account when you are feeling stronger or when you need to back pedal
  • All exercises are video linked
  • The template is set up in a way to create the perfect mix of strength gains and hypertrophy

From the booklet you will learn

  • The most common mistakes when training back and how to avoid them.
  • Tips to make your back training more effective
  • Proper exercise selection
  • How to avoid injuries
  • Setting your diet for optimal body composition
  • Which supplements to choose for maximum muscle mass and leanness

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