What Are the Best Foods to Lose Belly Fat?

What Are the Best Foods to Lose Belly Fat?

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Maik Wiedenbach here with the following topic : Are there foods that kill belly fat? Sounds like a dream! Just eat and get ripped! But does it work? This is one thing that keeps my online and NYC personal training clients up at night. Lets take a look!

Let’s clarify a few things before getting started!

1. There are not fat burning foods. None. No matter what the fitness industry tells you, no food will burn that belly of you. You need to be in a caloric deficit, regardless of what foods you are eating.

2. Overeating any food will cause weight gain. Period. No matter how organic, wholesome expensive or awesome the food is.

However, certain foods lend themselves to dieting better than others and here is why.


1. They are more filling than others

2. But still cover your nutritional moods

During a diet, it is crucial to consume foods that will curb your hunger for quite some. ( there go your nachos)

So what are the foods that help you lose your belly fat?

Here are some of my favorite diet foods:

1. Chicken or turkey Breast: A lean protein that is best prepared in sous vide, this way it will stay juicy for a few days.The other option would be brining it. Tilapia or turkey is a good alternate if you need it.

2. Flank Steak or any lean cut:People often avoid red meat during a during a diet since it has a higher calorie content than lets say chicken or turkey, but it has its benefits. namely, it contains iron, Zinc, and Creatine which will enable you to make it through your workouts with greater intensity, leading to greater fat loss. The saturated fats in red meat are also critical since they are the building blocks for hormones such as testosterone and estrogen that play a crucial role in maintaining a high metabolic rate and keeping your muscle mass on.

3. Eggs: You should eat eggs when deiting. They are a complete protein ( life comes out of them after all) with stearic acid and many vitamins (D, E).if your calories are very low and you can afford many yolks, mix them with egg white at a 1:2 ratio. In general, all proteins are a great hunger suppressants so it is advisable to consume them during a diet at every meal.

4. Oats: A very filling complex carb that is easy to prepare and offers lots of variety! Just add different fruit, nuts or cinnamon! A true gift to those on the go (just add water)! If you like the steel cooked version, simply get a slow cooker so you can make them overnight

5. Potatoes: a very filling carb with lots of potassium= gives great pumps!

6. Nuts: A great source of unsaturated fatty acids and provides crunch to salads. Just be careful to count them out!!

7. Avocado: Another source of good fats and a delicious addition to salads, omelets, etc.! I prefer to forego liquid fats when dieting since they do not provide lots of satiety and are easily overdosed. Solid fats like avocado, nuts or cheese are easier to measure and will fill you up longer!

8. Broccoli, Lettuce, Spinach, Cauliflower: I call these free foods. Due to their very low caloric content, they can be consumed in unlimited quantities and provides vitamins, minerals, and fiber ( but easy on the fatty dressing). Plus, most of them are alkaline and will balance out the typical western diet, which can be acidic. Being less acid means you will recover faster and be less prone to injuries

9. Asparagus: Has hardly any calories (unless you add sauce Bearnaise), very filling, and a mild diuretic! The initial water loss can be very helpful when starting a diet.

10. Grapefruit (whole fruit, not juice): Disclaimer: Grapefruit does not burn fat!! However, grapefruits contain Nargenin, which is a substance that blocks the metabolization of caffeine ( and many other drugs) in the liver. Caffeine has some mild fat burning properties, which is why it is one of the main ingredients in many fat burners. If consumed with grapefruit, one extends the active life of these products by 2-3 hours, which may sum over time to more fat lost. Double check if you are taking other medications since the grapefruit might interfere with absorption!)

And some forgotten diet foods

  1. Bison/buffalo: It is great source of protein, zinc and creatine. It is leaner than regular beef, which means you have to cook it less, or you’ll be eating leather. Personally I like the taste a bit better than regular beef. You can leave it overnight in soy sauce, lime juice and garlic for improved tenderness. However, be alert when prepping it! If you cook it too longs, you are eating shoe leather
  2. Aramanth and quinoa: change up your carbs from boring oatmeal!! The world isn’t made from rice and potatoes only either. Both of these grains are great sources of fiber and B-vitamins as well. Quinoa flakes make a great breakfast.
  3. Unsweetened cranberry juice. Yes, the taste is …something to get used but it is the single greatest liver detoxifier. A healthy liver is critical for fat loss and muscle gains
  4. Water cress: our diets tend to be too acidic, and while you can not make an adult stomach alkaline, water cress and other foods make it less acidic which means faster recovery!
  5. Quark: I can not stand cottage cheese and yogurt does not have enough protein per serving, which is why I love quark. If you can find it, it’s a thicker kind of yogurt with a much higher protein content. The bacteria also helps with breaking down foods
  6. Pineapple and papaya: Remember meat tenderizes that break down tougher cuts of beef?they do so via bromelain and pepsin, two enzymes that help the body digest protein better. Who doesn’t want that? Plus, there are the other benefits such as fiber, vitamins and phytonutrients.


While there are no magic foods proper food choices will go along way toward achieving your physique goal!

In the end, the best diet foods are the ones you can stick to so fill your macros accordingly, because the best food choices will not matter if you overeat them!


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  1. Damien Perez

    I eat oats every morning. I used to be a guy who only ate big breakfasts or no breakfast at all. But now everyday I eat oats with a protein drink.

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